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Galleon SEO is almost unique amongst search engine optimisation companies because we grew out of a bricks and mortar B2B business that since 1999 has grown its internet sales from 16% to over 84% of total sales, so we know how powerful the internet can be for real companies, and also what you need to achieve to exploit the power of search engine marketing.

If you want to increase your internet sale using search engine optimization and marketing then talk to a company that has done it for real in all senses of the word, call us on 0121 608 4433 or contact us using the contact form .


What makes us Good

Auto page ranking of every visitor to your website. sample report

Track Pay Per Click visitors for . sample report

Simple management using a web based control panel. . demo

What makes us Better

Designed specifically for keyword search engine optimisation. view reports

Keyword suggestion tool tells you the important keywords to optimise for. sample report

Email enhancer adds information to your contact form of how the prospect reached your site, the search engine used, country search made from, etc. see sample



If as a UK company you are interested in UK search engine optimization company call us for a chat, talking to us is free because we want to see UK companies succeed.

Call 0121 608 4433 or contact us


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