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BBC News - Technology

BBC News - Technology

Lords want drone owners register
The House of Lords EU Committee calls for a drone register to be set up which owners of unmanned aircraft would have to join.

China and US clash over backdoors
China rejects President Obama's criticism of its attempt to make companies put backdoors in their software and share their encryption keys.

Sony VR helmet set for 2016 launch
Sony unveils an upgraded version of its PlayStation virtual reality helmet, which it says will go on sale in the first half of 2016.

Ford launches e-bikes at mobile show
Ford has been showing off two e-bikes at Mobile World Congress as manufacturers start to look beyond the car.

Tablet video game combats lazy eye
Video games firm Ubisoft is working on a title that it believes can treat lazy eye, a condition that can result in reduced vision.

Plane battery ban over safety concern
United Airlines has announced that it will no longer carry bulk shipments of lithium-ion batteries as new tests reveal they could cause fires.

Blackberry Leap has no physical keys
Blackberry targets young career builders with its all-touch-screen Leap smartphone.

Tinder to charge over-28s more
Dating app Tinder announces it will charge the over-28s nearly four times as much for its premium features as it does younger users in the UK.

HTC apologises for Half-life comment
HTC apologises for causing "any confusion" after claiming it was co-operating with Half-life, a much anticipated video game.

Ikea debuts phone-charging furniture
Furniture giant Ikea has unveiled a range of furniture fitted with wireless charging spots for mobile devices.

Xiaomi launches cheap action camera
Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has launched a cheap action camera that costs only 399 yuan (£41).

Fiat boss wary over tech challenge
The traditional motor industry would be foolish to ignore moves by Google and Apple into car technology, says Fiat-Chrysler boss Sergio Marchionne.

Samsung S6 phone has curved screen
Samsung confirms that one version of its new Galaxy S6 flagship smartphone will have a screen that curves round its sides

VIDEO: Hands-on with LG Urbane smartwatches
BBC's Dave Lee gets a first look at LG's fashion-conscious Urbane smartwatches at Mobile World Congress.

VIDEO: Sony: No guarantees for phone unit
Sony's chief executive says neither his firm's mobile phone unit nor any of its other divisions have a guaranteed future.

Huawei and LG unveil smartwatches
LG unveils a smartwatch that can make calls without being paired to a phone, while Huawei unveils its first Android Wear watch.

HTC to sell virtual reality headsets
HTC reveals it is to sell a virtual reality headset featuring tracking technology developed by video games firm Valve.

Sony and Microsoft focus on price
Sony and Microsoft reveal mid-range smartphones with features previously reserved for their top handsets at Mobile World Congress.

VIDEO: Pebble launches smart straps scheme
Smartwatch pioneer Pebble is launching a programme for third-party developers to make sensor-equipped straps for its latest devices.

Fingerprint sensor sees through metal
Qualcomm announces a new fingerprint sensor that uses sound waves, which can scan through glass, metal and hand lotion.

Are tablets falling out of favour?
Ahead of the start of Mobile World Congress, experts propose a variety of reasons why consumers are not buying tablets in the numbers once expected.

Samsung tries to get an edge on its rivals
Samsung's good looking new smartphone should restore some of its lost confidence.

Google camera zips along rainforest
Google flew one of its Street View cameras down a zip wire in the Amazon rainforest to capture new images of the forest canopies.

VIDEO: The robot that can play the violin
A retired engineer in the USA has created a 'kinetic sculpture' that can replicate digital files and play them on a violin.

VIDEO: Sci-fi game Evolve reviewed
BBC Click's Marc Cieslak reviews the new video game Evolve

VIDEO: DIY solution to share diabetes data
Why one mother found a DIY solution to track her daughter's diabetes data.

VIDEO: Ford's white van with built-in bike
The BBC's Dave Lee talks to Ford's chief design engineer Tom Thompson about the company's electric bike project.

VIDEO: Hands-on with an Ubuntu phone
The BBC's Rory Cellan-Jones tries out a smartphone powered by Ubuntu, an operating system best known for running on desktop computers.

VIDEO: Japan seeks to reboot innovation
Mariko Oi reports from Japan on the country's quest to rediscover its innovative spirit with "game-changing" products.

VIDEO: 3D mapping Christ the Redeemer
Drones and mapping software have been used to create an exact digital version of the famous Brazilian landmark.

VIDEO: HTC virtual reality kit surprises
HTC unveils a virtual reality headset as part of a tie-up with video games giant Valve, posing a threat to Facebook's Oculus.

VIDEO: The chair that assembles itself
Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are examining the possibilities of self-assembly.

VIDEO: Is 2015 the year of 'eye-tracking'?
The BBC's Richard Taylor looks at "eye-tracking" technology which could be used in gaming, entertainment and healthcare, and asks if it could go mainstream.

VIDEO: The robots who build furniture
An experiment at MIT's Distributed Robotics Lab is teaching robots to work collaboratively.

The curious case of Leah Palmer
The curious case of Leah Palmer

Hands-on with HTC's virtual reality
Is HTC and Valve's virtual reality any good?

VIDEO: Blackberry to battle on with phones
Blackberry chief says the market will decide firm's fate

Will Sony march away from mobile?
Should Sony stop making smartphones?

Zuckerberg - the unasked questions
Why Mark Zuckerberg's MWC appearance was a big yawn

These views are from http://news.bbc.co.uk/ which is editorially independent. Its appearance on this site should not be taken as an endorsement.




BBC News - Technology

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These views are from http://news.bbc.co.uk/ which is editorially independent. Its appearance on this site should not be taken as an endorsement.


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These views are from which is editorially independent. Its appearance on this site should not be taken as an endorsement.


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