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BBC News - Technology

BBC News - Technology

Uber banned across Germany by court
A court says the UberPop service must stop transporting passengers in Germany, but the American company refuses to suspend work.

FBI probes 'Cloud' celebrity leaks
The FBI looks into allegations that the online accounts of celebrities have been hacked, leading to intimate pictures being posted online.

Google 'discourages' old browser use
Google has started showing old versions of its search page to people using out-of-date versions of web browsers.

Samsung phones to get Nokia maps
Samsung has signed a deal with Nokia to use its Here mapping service on its smartphones and the Gear S smartwatch.

BBC begins push to help kids code
The BBC unveils plans to support England's computer coding curriculum with a new section of its Bitesize learning site and tech-themed TV shows.

Iran clerics 'must accept internet'
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani urges Iran's clerics to be more tolerant of the internet and new technologies after recent criticism from hardliners.

Pupils begin 'tough' new curriculum
Teaching of a "tough" new national curriculum including computer coding classes begins in England.

MSN Messenger to end after 15 years
Microsoft's MSN Messenger will be switched off in China in October, bringing a final end to the 15-year-old service.

2.6m historical pictures put online
An academic is posting millions of historical photos and illustrations to Flickr where they can be searched and copied without charge.

Top school's lessons free on iTunes
A leading independent school is making dozens of its courses available free online, so lessons can be downloaded by pupils or teachers at other schools.

Google trials drone deliveries
Google reveals it has built and tested its own drones as part of a plan to make automated deliveries to remote homes as well as disaster-hit zones.

Robot printer 'comes to your desk'
Fuji Xerox develops robotic printer that can move around a lounge or office to bring documents to the person who printed them.

Man guilty of Salmond Twitter abuse
A man has been convicted of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner towards First Minister Alex Salmond on Twitter.

Low-key GCHQ protest under way
A low-key protest by online activists has started outside the UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ).

'Fashionable' smartwatches announced
South Korean tech firms LG and Samsung have announced more smartwatches, ahead of a widely anticipated entry to the sector from Apple.

Police seize video gamer live on cam
Armed police dramatically raid the office of a video gamer near Denver, US - and the incident was broadcast live online.

Ecuador to bring in digital currency
Ecuador says it will introduce the world's first digital currency issued by a central bank and it will go into circulation in December.

Bionic pancreas: A new dawn for diabetics?
A teenager tells how a bionic pancreas transformed his summer.

VIDEO: The 'house of hacking horrors'
A suburban house has been transformed to help specialists find security flaws in smart devices and stop hackers taking control.

VIDEO: Blass: 'My leaks give phones a buzz'
One of the world's top technology leakers explains how he gathers his secrets.

VIDEO: The most future-proof profession?
BBC News talks to Ian Lowe, a blacksmith who teaches other people an ancient art he believes to be future-proof.

VIDEO: FBI to investigate celebrity hacking
The FBI are investigating after many famous women have had their nude photographs posted online anonymously after being hacked.

VIDEO: Eat, sleep, code: Ten-year-old's routine
Max started writing code when he was six. He told BBC News why he thought more children being taught how to program in schools was a good idea.

VIDEO: Turning internet radio into art
LJ Rich looks at how one artist is using computer code to turn internet radio from across the globe into a unique piece of music.

VIDEO: Chip and pin security fears revealed
Could chip and pin technology be open to a new type of "skimming" fraud which is being used to steal people's cash?

VIDEO: Tech review: This week's headlines
A camera harness for dogs from GoPro, plus other tech news.

VIDEO: Twitter's map of Mid-East conflict
How people are reacting across social media in the Gaza-Israeli conflict.

VIDEO: 'White space' internet developed
David Grossman reports from the Isle of Wight, on the "white space" which could help remote areas access fast broadband.

How to protect yourself in the cloud
After the celebrity leaks, what can you do to safeguard your photos?

A cloud of uncertainty
The mystery about how leaked celebrity pictures were obtained

Can geeks rescue science education?
Would you take your kids to a geek festival?

Has the humble password had its day?
What new techs can reliably establish our identities?

Windows XP: Your upgrade experiences
Readers share their experiences of replacing their operating system

Hi-tech cars pose security risk
Researchers worry new cars could be vulnerable to hackers

A computing revolution in schools
The challenge of introducing England's new coding curriculum

VIDEO: Tech search for 'perfect dance track'
The quest to find the perfect party anthem.

These views are from http://news.bbc.co.uk/ which is editorially independent. Its appearance on this site should not be taken as an endorsement.




BBC News - Technology

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These views are from http://news.bbc.co.uk/ which is editorially independent. Its appearance on this site should not be taken as an endorsement.


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These views are from http://searchenginewatch.com/ which is editorially independent. Its appearance on this site should not be taken as an endorsement.


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